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Via Settevalli, 320

0612 Perugia (PG)


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Opening soon

We make innovation arise from the inside

of your organization

Who we are

We are a business design agency specialized in the design of innovation processes and ecosystems for large corporations and SMEs.


We put the organizational structure at the core of our activities. We redesign internal processes to embed innovation culture and practice in the DNA of the organization.


We believe that large organizations and SMEs have the potential to innovate like startups by adopting lean innovation methods and tools and training employees.


We support human-centric initiatives based on the the creative intelligence of people and spread a culture of intrapreneurship inside organizations to foster innovation capability.



We support organizations from the analysis to the implementation of innovation strategies

Innovation Audit

The innovation audit is aimed at assessing the current innovation capability of an organization. Through interviews and process analysis, we map the innovation ecosystem and the business model of the organization to find out how innovation is managed and what barriers or business pressures exist. We examine previous innovation initiatives to understand what has worked or failed.

Innovation Strategy

The formulation of the innovation strategy starts from the definition of a clear and actionable innovation mission, based on the current business model and future trends. Consistently with this mission, we develop a roadmap of projects that will constitute the innovation portfolio. In parallel, we redesign the innovation process for optimal performance.

Innovation Capability

Through organizational design and viral change management techniques, we spread the innovation culture inside the organization for effective employees buy-in. We develop innovation capabilities through trainings, coaching programmes and intrapreneurship projects that work on the knowledge, skills and attitude of employees at all levels.

Innovation Deployment

We support the implementation of innovation initiatives through lean innovation techniques like problem framing and customer insights, ideation, prototyping and validation. We optimize business models and define growth marketing strategies. In order to foster intrapreneurship, we design and manage internal incubators and accelerators, innovation labs and open innovation programs.


We dedicate special projects to sectors or areas that represent interesting areas of research for the application of our methods and tools.


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