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We support organizations in the

design and the implementation of effective innovation strategies

We are a business design agency specialized in innovation processes.

We support corporates and SMEs developing innovation strategies and designing new products and services. Our approach is different from traditional consulting: instead of providing standard solutions, we help companies build their own innovation capabilities to face business and organizational challenges.

Our solutions address the whole innovation process from visioning to implementation. This holistic approach grants a consistent strategy deployment in all its phases and the diffusion of innovation culture inside organizations. We rely on a solid network of professionals to improve our services and get vertical, sector-specific insights. 

We work hard to make organizations more human-centered and capable of being a driver of positive change in the world. We believe that creativity and entrepreneurial initiative will shape our future, helping societies solve their problems and meet their needs.

We build innovation capabilities and speed up design processes 

through a wide range of services.

Innovation Strategy

We co-design innovation strategies starting from the current state of the company and its vision for the future, building the proper structures to spread innovation culture and transform the organization.

Innovation Capability

Our trainings and workshops aim at building internal innovation capabilities  that improve the effectiveness of innovation strategies and prepare the organization for future challenges.



Our business design programs focus on building new products and services in less time, addressing real customer needs and optimizing business models through design thinking methodologies and tools.



We analyze the situation with a free assessment.


We design an innovation roadmap of activities


We preapare a detailed project plan to implement


We realize the project from design to follow up

At each step, organizations can decide to stop or pause a project. This allows them to save money and prevent failures, but also to adjust plans and scale faster.

We have a four-step, flexible approach that allows us to provide measurable value


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