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Opening soon


Our industry-specific trainings provide corporate teams and executives with all the skills and tools they need to build strong innovation capabilities.


Our trainings are a balanced mix of theoretical courses and interactive workshops, covering the fundamental topics in the innovation field. No training is the same as another: we design each session depending on the participants and the industry. If required, we provide organizations with online courses, so that knowledge transfer inside the organization can be maximized.

Innovation is based on solid methodolgies. Our trainings

are the perfect way to spread innovation capabilities in organizations of all sizes.

Innovation Management

Learn how to manage innovation processes inside your organization

and how to benefit from open models.



Improve customer-centricity and user experience through our unique seven-steps design thinking method.

Lean Startup


Design and create new products and services in less time  and with lower budgets working like a startup.

Service Design

Learn how to design services that delight users and boost loyalty using the service design tools and methodologies.

Business Modelling

Improve your business model with a value proposition redesign or a new revenue model to increase profits.



Spread process thinking in your organization to design innovative processes and reduce wastes.


Innovation Management Training

Topics include:

  • Innovation types and patterns

  • Innovation strategy generation and deployment

  • Innovation process management

  • Innovation horizons and cycles

  • Innovation pipeline management

  • Organizational models for innovation

  • Open innovation and collaborations

  • Industry and technology trends

  • HR management for creativity and intrapreneurship

This training provides managers with all the knowledge and the tools they need to craft and deploy effective innovation strategies. Trough immersive workshops, participants will analyze the whole innovation process, applying the basic concepts to the specific context of their industry or organization.


1-3 days


Innovation managers, product managers, marketing managers, business developers, HR managers, IT managers


A complete overview of the innovation process and a set of tools designed for supporting managers

Design Thinking Training

Topics include:

  • Design thinking context and process

  • Business hypothesis formulation and mapping

  • Empathyzing through customer perspective

  • Design challenge formulation

  • Ideation and prioritization

  • Prototyping

  • Testing

  • Impact delivery and performance measurement

Design thinking is a collaborative and iterative approach for discovering market opportunities and designing new products and services that meet customers needs. This interactive training gives participants the possibility to put into practice methods and tools that will boost user experience.


1-4 days


Innovation managers, product managers, service managers, marketing managers, business developers


A practical understanding of the design thinking method with all tools required to adopt this approach


Lean Startup Methodology Training

Topics include:

  • Startup definition and lifecycle

  • The build-measure-learn loop

  • Ideation methods and customer development

  • Iterative prototyping and MVP

  • Product and service validation

  • Pivoting and decision-making

  • Business model design and validation

  • Innovation accounting

  • Process adaptation to scale

  • The concept of corporate startup

This training provides managers with actionable tools and methods coming from the startup environment. A complete set of workshops make participants understand how to apply validated learning, innovation accounting and the other principles of entrepreneurial management to large organizations.


1-3 days


Innovation managers, product managers, service managers, business developmers, IT managers


A set of methods and tools for improving the focus of new product development processes and reducing wastes


Service Design Training

Topics include:

  • Service design process

  • Service design methods and tools (research data, personas, journey maps, service blueprints, system maps, service prototypes)

  • Research and customer insights

  • Service and experience ideation

  • Service and experience prototyping 

  • Implementation and optimization

  • Service design management in large organizations

This training is designed to support organizations create, manage and optimize their services through service design. It applies to pure service companies and product companies willing to improve their product-service systems or their aftersales processes, which heavily impact customer satisfaction.


1-3 days


Innovation managers, product managers, service managers, sales managers, aftersales managers, marketing managers


A complete overview of the service design methodologies and a large database of tools to design outstanding services


Business Modelling Training

Topics include:

  • Business model framework and components

  • Value proposition design

  • Market segmentation and customer targeting

  • CRM principles and strategies

  • Channel typologies and management

  • B2B and B2C revenue models

  • Business model patterns and optimization

  • Industry-specific business models

Business model design and optimization is crucial for any business. This training presents the best ways to structure a business model and gives participants the possibility to apply methods and tools in a realistic business case. Constraints force teams to think out of the box to make their business model function.


1-2 days


Innovation managers, product managers, service managers, marketing managers, business developers, finance managers


A deep knowledge of how to create a sustainable business model and a whole set of revenue models to apply


Process Design Training

Topics include:

  • Process thinking

  • Process typologies and industry-specific process patterns

  • BPM framework and steps (process identification, process modelling, process discovery, qualitative and quantitative process analysis, process redesign, process automation, process implementation, process monitoring)

  • Agile process models for scaling businesses

This practical workshop is particularly useful for fast-growing businesses that need to put order into their processes as they scale. After a theoretical introduction about the BPM framework and the main process models, participants are involved in the design of a new, industry-specific process from analysis to optimization.


1-2 days


Product managers, service managers, marketing managers, sales managers,

HR managers, IT experts


The ability to perceive the processes behind each activity performed and a complete set of methods for designing a process


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