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Via Settevalli, 320

0612 Perugia (PG)


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Opening soon



We are a business design agency specialized in transforming companies into innovation-driven, human-centered organizations. 

We are facilitators. Our mission is to unleash the inner potential of organizations to innovate.

Noexus's mission is to empower organizations to structure innovation processes that provide value for all stakeholders. By focusing on internal capabilities and corporate culture, we create and strenghten innovation engines that foster growth and long-term profitability.

Radical innovation is no longer a long-term phenomenon. Industries are disrupted by new technologies in the shortest time horizons. For this reason, organizations need to build a flexible structure to adapt to future challenges and have a stake in the transformation. 

We want to lead the change through our creative and dynamic approach. The organizations we envision are workplaces for proactive and diverse people that feel accountable for the outcomes of their work. In ten years, we want to be the reference partner for companies willing to transform into human-centered organizations.